Ein roter Stein liegt inmitten grauer Steine.

What exactly is happiness and how can we find it? Today the Spirits tell us why children should teach us better than we should teach them and how to develop happiness from the outside and inside.

Me: What is happiness?

I see a female spirit. She is doing a kind of dance, turning in circles and pointing into the distance. She jumps up and makes a circular movement up and down with her arms.

Spirit: A feeling of happiness is a mood high.

The Spirits always answer the question directly and this is their direct answer.

To learn more, you have to ask the questions in a more differentiated way: What is your relationship to the topic of happiness?

She puts her hands on the heart and then quickly leads them away from the heart, as if something is spraying out, while smiling.

Spirit: Happiness comes from the heart and you want to give something to others. When you are happy, your heart is so full that it can give something to others. It also gives you a lot of energy yourself.

She now paints a big circle in the air that is bigger than her and rotates around her, above her head and under her feet. This is symbolic of the energy that is activated by the feeling of happiness. It now also looks like a Rhönrad in which you can stand and roll.

Spirit: Happiness is also a driving force.

Now she takes the energy of the wheel and turns it around her finger like a spiral. This makes the spiral bigger and bigger and she places herself in the spiral. The spiral turns clockwise from bottom to top around her body.

Spirit: The energy of happiness rotates from bottom to top and into the sky, it is, so to speak, a connection to the sky. It is a strong force that gives you a lot of energy.

Me: That sounds good. But how do you get to happiness?

She now takes a cube from the top shelf of a virtual shelf and opens the cube. Inside is a small red ball that she takes in her hand and holds it out to me. Then she holds the little ball in front of her heart.

Spirit: The ball stands for the fact that the origin of happiness lies directly in the heart. At first it is only very small.

Me: Does everyone have such a ball?

Spirit: Yes, but for some people it is hidden in a corner somewhere in their heart, because the heart is full of other things, negative emotions.

Now she takes any small objects from the air, even small red balls, and puts them into her heart along with the other ball.

Me: What do these little balls stand for now?

Spirit: They stand for a compressed energy that can be found in many things.

Me: And what is this energy?

Spirit: It is, for example, in a beautiful celebration in which one participates and in which one feels good and is in a good mood. Or when you are together with other people. Then you get little red balls, so to speak, symbolically speaking. You can collect them and the more you collect, the more space they take up in your heart and the negative is then pushed out, so to speak, because there is no room for it anymore.

Now she dances.

Spirit: Dancing is also a good way to access this energy. Just like everything that has to do with joy or with things that give you joy.

Me: This reminds me now of our podcast episode on depression. It was about collecting light. Here they are now little red balls. What is the difference?

Spirit: The light has a lighter energy. The red globules on the other hand are a condensed energy. They are created through action. The difference to light, which should be collected in beautiful moments when you are depressed, is that with the red globules you are more active and you are more actively involved in what is happening. Collecting the light is about beautiful moments that you observe, see or hear. With the energy beads, you are in the middle of the action and control the situation.

Me: Okay, let me summarize this: To get lucky, you actively get into situations that give you joy of life. Is that right?

She nods. Now she shows me children.

Spirit: Contact with children can also promote the feeling of happiness because they still have it in them. You can also take children as a good example of how they can achieve happiness because they are still searching in a natural way and know what they need to be happy. Unfortunately, you adults have partially forgotten this. Children are very good teachers for you. Actually, they should teach you and not the other way around.

Me: Is there anything else to say about happiness?

Spirit: Just be happy! Don’t think about it for long, but just be happy! Open yourself to happiness without thinking about it for long.

Me: I have always learned that happiness comes from within and not from outside. What you have told me is a little bit different.
Spirit: It goes both ways. But if you develop happiness from within, you are more independent.

Me: Then I would like to know more precisely how I can develop happiness from within.

She smiles.

Spirit: That is our favorite question. This is the advice we give you again and again: Sit down quietly and get in touch with us. We don’t want to annoy you by repeating this all the time, but since you ask for it … This is really the best way to build up inner happiness.

Me: Just sit down quietly or do you have any other advice, for example if someone is not very good at it?

Spirit: You can also work with pictures and choose beautiful pictures of nature and landscapes and look at them and try to meditate with them. You can also just connect with nature, because behind everything in nature there are spirits, the whole nature is filled with spirit. So if you go into nature, you are already meditating with us Spirits anyway.

I thank the Spirits and say goodbye.

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What is happiness?

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