Gullfoss auf Island mit Regenbogen

What is life based on? This question will be answered from the point of view of the spirits, although I had decided not to ask any questions today and to wait and see what happens. So the encounter develops into a journey into a beautiful landscape, which has a deeper meaning.

A female Spirit welcomes me. Behind her I see a fantasy world with a high rock on the right side, from which a waterfall pours into a lake. The water looks golden. She makes a sweeping gesture with her arm to show me the beauty of this landscape. Small glittering stars sparkle from her hand.

Spirit: This is all inside you, your true wealth. They are great treasures – energy sources.

With “energy sources” she means the waterfall.

She repeats again: The true wealth is within you.

Then she draws water from the lake with her hands and asks me to drink some of it. I come closer and try it. It tastes slightly sweetish. Now she invites me to swim in the lake too. I step into the lake and am surprised that the water is pleasantly warm. It has a calming effect on me. I start to swim. The lake extends to the horizon, but it looks like several small lakes that are connected to each other. It is very quiet and there is no wind, no waves, except through my movements. A few meters further on I stop in the water to look around again. The water is not deep.

Spirit: You are in the water of life. It contains everything you need.

She points to the blue sky on the horizon.

Spirit: This is your potential, these are your possibilities.

It feels wide and infinite. I think what she is trying to say is that we have infinite possibilities in our lives.

Then she points to the sun, which is in the upper right corner of the sky.

Spirit: That is your origin.

In contrast to the physical sun, I can look at this sun directly without it hurting me. I look into the radiant bright light and feel happiness, joy of life, connection, love and a kind of homeland feeling. In this moment I know: This light is a place I have known since primeval times and it has always accompanied me.

Now she points to the rocks with the waterfall.

Spirit: This is your grounding, your stability.

There I discover a rainbow that spans over rocks and waterfall. When I look at it, I feel an even stronger joy of life. It is also the connection of water (= energy of life) and sun (= joy of life, love).

Spirit: That is all you need to know about life. Come back here as often as you want.

But there is one question I have to ask: What do you want the readers of my blog to do with this?

Spirit: They should let it work on them and find their own soul landscape.

My mind is now very relaxed, so that I can’t think of any more questions. Every thought would destroy the beautiful atmosphere, which I would like to enjoy for a while.

I thank and say goodbye to her.

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What is life based on?

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