Die Sonne scheint am Horizont, im Gegenlicht sieht man die Silhouetten von Menschen.

Join me on a fascinating trip with new insights, adventures, endless freedom and creativity, where everything is possible. Discover and experience on this website a new world behind the known, the familiar and the visible, which leads you to your origin and shows you who you really are.

There is a power behind the visible, a spiritual world, a higher wisdom, so to speak, with which we humans can communicate. It is not visible with our eyes and not (yet) measurable. But there are methods to make contact, such as meditation, dance, singing etc.

It is our real home, where we come from and go back again. It is our spiritual family, which is always there for us, in good and bad times. Provided one opens oneself to this world.

It has always been there and will always be there.

“Transit” stands for a kind of space that is created when we open ourselves to the spiritual world through techniques like meditation, dance etc. and make contact. It is like a space between the visible and the non-visible world. Some people enter this space intuitively without using a specific technique, e.g. painters, musicians or scientists. From there many get their ideas and inspirations, which “suddenly fall from the sky”. Each person has his own space and his own personal spirits. It is also called “Akashic Chronicle”, “Aura”, “Morphic Field” etc. For me it is the “Transit of Spirits”.

Do you want to learn more about the Spirits?

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