People against the light on the horizon

There is a force behind the visible, a spiritual world, a higher wisdom, so to speak, with which we humans can communicate. It is not visible with our eyes and not (yet) measurable. But there are methods with which one can make contact, such as meditation, dance, singing etc..

It is our real home where we come from and go back again. It is our spiritual family that is always there for us, in good times and bad. Provided one opens oneself to this world.

It has always been there and will always be there.

“Transit” stands for a kind of space that is created when we open up to the spiritual world through techniques such as meditation, dance, etc. and make contact. It is like a space between the visible and the invisible world. Some people enter this space intuitively without using a specific technique, e.g. painters, musicians or scientists. From there many get their ideas and inspirations, which “suddenly fall from the sky”. Every human being has his own space and his own personal spirits. It is also called “Akasha Chronicle”, “Aura”, “Morphic Field” etc.. For me it is the “Transit of Spirits”.

What are Spirits?

The spiritual world consists of an infinite number of spirits, i.e. spiritual energies, which often appear in a human form in front of our inner eye because we are used to communicating with faces and people. This makes it easier for us. Some people only hear them with their inner ear. There are many ways of perception. The spirits are the spark in our mind when we have an idea and when an artist is kissed by the “muse”. All Spirits together have all the knowledge of humanity including the past. The spirits urgently want to talk to us humans because we need them. And the spirits need the exchange with us. It is similar to the lungs that need the exchange of oxygen and carbon. They say that otherwise we lose more and more energy and then eventually die out. Not communicating with the spirits is like stopping the air.

Everyone can contact them in their own way, whether through meditation, prayer, dance, singing, creativity, etc. Best on a daily basis. Some people need practice for a while. Many people cannot allow contact because they are still attached to certain belief systems and too much to their minds. The mind is great and important, but it should not determine life alone. If we learn to turn it off in between, we will also come into contact with the spirits more easily.

Personally, I usually see them in human form or in a landscape. It is like a kind of stage on which they stand and answer my questions. They are not flowery narrators, but only answer what you ask.

And the Spirits say this directly to the theme: “Go your own way! As directly as possible. Dogmas are an obstacle. Be free of them in your heart, then you perceive us. See it playfully, with ease. This is our nature. Go on a journey of discovery like a child. Then you will find us immediately. Never give up. We are there. We are waiting for you.”

By the way, I prefer the English word “Spirits”, because the German word “Geist” (spirit) in me rather evokes associations with castle ghosts, which haunt around as white cloths. And these are definitely not spirits. There are also beings in this invisible world who want to annoy you, so it is important to always connect with the divine energy, for example through a prayer or mantra at the beginning. Then only benevolent and loving spirits will appear. And – even if it is hard to believe – it all works perfectly without drugs or other aids.

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