Teelicht und goldener Schmuck

A female spirit with a blue robe and a golden decorated belt and golden jewellery tells me that today it is about the topic “protection”.

Spirit: Think about what is worth protecting in your life.

Me: What exactly do you mean? (My hiccups just bother me a little during the interview.)

Spirit: It’s not about house or car. It’s about yourself. What do you want to preserve?

I spontaneously think of my health, my mind, my joy of life and many other things.

Spirit: What do you do in everyday life to preserve them?

Me: I pay attention to healthy nutrition, relaxation, exercise etc..

Spirit: You can do even more. Go into peace and quiet, there are all the answers.

All right. I meditate for a few minutes and shortly afterwards a feeling of joy rises in me. The hiccup is suddenly gone.

Me: So joy is a protection for my health, my mind etc.?

Spirit: Yes.

Me: Yes, but how do I protect my joie de vivre?

She shows me at least 1000 big and small things floating through the air. This should show that this is very individual and that life offers us a lot.

Me: Okay, but the challenge is to develop joie de vivre in things like tax returns. How is that supposed to work? If I have to sit there and concentrate, I can’t deal with beautiful things at the same time because it distracts me.

She laughs.

Spirit: Well, first of all you generally take something like that much too seriously. Meditate before and in between. It’s only a small part of your life.

Me: But what if someone has a serious job? Or an unpleasant one?

Spirit: There are also some nice sides there. You have to emphasize them.

Me: And if someone is still unhappy?

Spirit: You can change a job.

Me: Okay, but what if someone has family problems? For example with his own children? You can’t exchange them.

Spirit: Go inside yourself and remember an early moment in your childhood. Revitalize your inner child, do something that makes you feel childlike.

Me: But even some people don’t have that if they had a bad childhood.

Spirit: Yes, then it’s just buried. Then you should take time for yourself and caress yourself lovingly, especially on your head, from the crown down on your side. You should do that regularly. But some people also need professional help. They cannot solve this on their own.

Me: So joy of life also has to do with self-love?

Spirit: They are sisters.

Me: Is the jewellery you wear today symbolic of joie de vivre?

Spirit: Yes.

Me: Does joy of life also protect against “energy vampires”, that is, against people through whom one feels exhausted after every conversation?

Spirit: They don’t even come because they don’t feel attracted. Only when you have something similar in you do they come.

She looks at me wisely and benevolently for a while.

Spirit: Joy of life is a quiet, peaceful joy. Only quiet connoisseurs discover it. Keep it inside like a candle burning there. If you spray sparks to the outside, it disappears. But if you keep the candle inside you, it shines from within and is perceived by others.

I find the image of the candle very beautiful. Right now in winter I can just light my inner candle when it’s dark outside. It’s a beautiful thought.

I thank her and say goodbye.

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What protects us?

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