Rote bedrohliche Wolken am Himmel

Today I have a concrete question. Since all the people around me panic because of the corona virus, make hamster purchases and buy disinfectant in masses, I would like to know from the Spirits what you can do so that you are not so panicky.

Spirit: It is hysteria. You can’t think clearly with panic. It’s not helpful.

Me: Yes, but if I tell somebody: “Don’t panic”, they will definitely not suddenly be totally relaxed.

Spirit: Distraction with beautiful things helps. There are other things besides the Corona virus. For example beautiful hobbies, peaceful books. Movies don’t help so much, reading is better. It’s important to establish normality. You shouldn’t see or read news about the virus.

Me: But if it breaks out in an area where I live or want to go? Then I should know that already, because then I might not go there at all.

Spirit: That only makes sense in areas that are designated as risk areas. You can get information about that. Otherwise there are not many possibilities of control. Other information only brings uncertainty.

Me: Do statistics reassure? For example about the fact that the probability of dying of something else is much higher?

Spirit: No, the panicked person would then be more afraid of the higher threat.

Me: Well, it calms me down. All right. How can you calm a restless spirit in general?

Spirit: Like I said, through beautiful activities. Also, cultivating joy and be on the move.

Me: What if you are in bed and can’t sleep because of circulating thoughts? Then you can’t go jogging. That would probably wake you up even more.

Spirit: You can read a good, peaceful book or listen to an audio book. Spiritual people can pray, sing mantras in their thoughts. Or you can sing children’s songs or recite rhymes. You can also get up early to get tired earlier the next night. If all this doesn’t help at all, you can write down what’s on your mind or do yoga or something similar. If it goes on for several weeks or months, you should take a vacation, maybe even change your life. There may also be psychological problems behind it, for which you can look for a therapist. Sometimes physical problems are also connected with it, a doctor can help.

Me: Okay, that’s already a lot of tips. Do you want to say anything else?

The (male) spirit suddenly becomes more awake. Until just now he seemed a little bored, as if my questions were too banal for him. But now he becomes more energetic:

Spirit: Don’t worry so much! Have confidence in yourself, in life and in us. It is not as bad as you think, and it is a wasted lifetime, which you can use more creatively and constructively. Worrying is a cultural ritual that is constantly cultivated through media and conversation. It is what keeps worries alive. Think of something beautiful to replace such topics. Speak positively, uplifting, exhilarating, enlightening. Talking about negative things only feeds the negative even more. Nourish what you want in life through your thoughts, your speech, your actions.

Me: But some people like complaining and don’t want to change anything.

Spirit: Avoid them. If they have no more friends, they will stop.

I have to grin. The Spirits are sometimes very … pragmatic. Since the Spirit does not want to raise any further issues, I thank him and say goodbye.

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What to do against the Corona panic?

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