I see a woman with long hair almost to the floor. She radiates strong eroticism, lust, passion and creative lust. I have to think of Aphrodite or other goddesses of love. This energy fascinates me so much that I can hardly concentrate on the question I want to ask. I am hypnotized. Then I will make it:

Me: What would you like to tell people?

Nature (smiles like in love with the world): I enjoy creating life. The living beings on this earth are pure joy. They were born of joy and passion.
I feel a huge energy behind what it says. The spirit of nature seems to rejoice over every living being that comes into being. She loves creativity, she is fully in her element. It is her goal, her meaning, her fulfillment.

Me: What do you think about death?

She seems to wonder about such a question.
Nature: It is self-evident. It is natural that it exists. Everything comes to an end, but I constantly create something new. Through death there is space for something new again.

Me: What do you think about people destroying nature, you?

I feel resistance with her. Doesn’t the spirit of nature want to confront itself with it? Does she want to stay in her dreamy passionate state? Silence. She looks thoughtfully into the distance. Her face becomes sad.
Nature: It blocks me in my energy. This causes pauses in my creative phase. Forced pauses. Emptiness. Dryness, stagnation. But only in some places on earth. As soon as it goes, I continue to create.

Me: Could man completely destroy nature?

She now seems more cheerful again. That went quickly.
Nature: My energy is indestructible. The matter does. But even if everything were destroyed, my energy would still exist. Materially I would continue to exist in the weather. And then I could create something new out of it.

Me: What is your relationship to the planet Earth?

Nature: I feel attracted to it. Through attraction my energy can bind to the planet and does not just float through space.

Me: So gravity?

Nature: Yes.

Me: Do you have any advice for people?

Nature: Live sensibly. Think carefully whether what you are doing makes sense.

Me: What does “sense” mean?

Nature: Is it worth spending energy on what you do? Does it give you pleasure? If there is joy in what you do, there is also life energy in it. And that is not only good for you, but also passes on to all other living beings. Then you are in my energy, my energy flow, in my power. When you do meaningless things, the power dries up and lifelessness develops. Then you destroy the life energy in the places where you work. The joy is always there, it is infinite. You just have to turn to it.

I (Nadine) think that destruction of the environment will probably occur because people do something without joy or are without inner joy. And nature probably means by joy real joy and not a fun society that only wants to distract itself from its inner emptiness.

Me: Do you love people?

Nature: Of course, I love all living beings that I have created!

I still don’t really understand the difference between nature and earth.
Me: Aren’t volcanoes part of the planet, but also part of nature, when lava becomes earth and plants grow on it?

Nature: You have to see it on an energy level: Volcanoes are the energy of the earth, plants come from my energy. Our energies react with each other.

Me: And at the beginning of the earth, where did you come from?

Nature: I was already there. But without a planet I could only dream. With the earth I could really shape. Everything that exists exists first in energetic form. It is only through matter that something is made of it.

Now I am at the end of my interview, but I feel so comfortable in the presence of the spirit of nature that I don’t want to stop at all. Her joie de vivre and enthusiasm for all living beings radiates so strongly to me that I would like to continue to sun myself in it. It feels like a warm, sunny summer day in a lively garden full of animals and plants. So somehow paradisiacal. But finally I have to end the conversation. I can come again. I thank her and say goodbye to her spirit. But even after that I can’t stop grinning with joy.

What was new for me was that this is about two energies, the energy from the earth and nature, which interact with each other (see also blog article “What does the earth want to tell us?”). I thought that everything is one and belongs together. I also found it interesting that they perceive us in such different ways. And we humans perceive ourselves in a completely different way than the “crown of creation”, especially intelligent etc.

What would nature like to tell us?

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