The Spirits tell me they want to talk about family today. So the first question I ask is why family is important for us humans from their point of view. There are several spirits that I see, but above all it answers a spirit that I cannot judge as male or female.

Spirits: The family used to ensure a person’s survival, so everything that has to do with our family moves us especially. It is a basic instinct. You had to stick close together to stand up to the wilderness. Those who danced out of line put the family in danger. And without a family, you were in danger yourself. You can still see the importance of the family in many cultures today.

Me: What is it like in Germany?

Spirits: The families are fragmented, hardly live together anymore, are scattered in different places. They are also often very small. This means that you don’t always have all the skills on the ground, as they used to. If you needed help, each family member had his abilities and you could ask the appropriate person for your problem. Today there is more networking via telephone, mobile phone, internet etc.. It is a phase of change from the possibility to be “live” present to the alternative to be virtually present. The virtual becomes more and more. Therefore it is important that all family members can deal with the media. People need to become more sensitive with these media. You don’t immediately tell someone by phone or SMS that they are feeling bad, you just hear the voice or read the message. The basic human instinct, however, regards it as very important that you can recognize something like this. Because for him it is still a matter of survival. He needs the certainty that the family is all right and that they still accept you. That’s how it’s programmed. But it gets worse through the media. That’s why many people are insecure. There are more misunderstandings, fears and anger due to wrong interpretations. People want to know exactly where they stand. But that is difficult in this way, as mankind did not learn it in primeval times. Therefore it is good to communicate as often as possible with image transmission so that one can see the other person.

Me: And what else can you do to improve virtual communication?

Spirits: General signs should be agreed. Smileys go already in such a direction, must become however still more exact.

Me: One is already there.

Spirits: Less anonymity on the Internet is also important. People need to know who they are dealing with. The human subconscious doesn’t want to deal with an anonymous nickname. It wants to know its counterpart as well as possible. Also virtual binding groups, which hold together like a family, would be a possibility. But that should really work.

Me: So it doesn’t only have to be the physical family?

Spirits: No. People have always lived together in clans and not only in families.

Me: But can you really replace the real presence of a person? Wouldn’t it be better to form families locally, whether bodily or elective?

Spirits: People are already doing that. But there are too many changes of place nowadays. When connections break up too often, you don’t look for new friends any more. Therefore, it is good to maintain close connections, even with virtual means. You can’t go back to the old days of large families who lived together.

Me: What do you do if you don’t get along well with your family?

Spirits: You should try to resolve conflicts as best you can. Because as I said, people have their basic instinct, which constantly thinks of danger when the family is not there for you and when there are disharmonies. So you constantly live with subliminal fear.

Me: Can friends help?

Spirits: Yes, very good friends can. They have to be very trustworthy and reliable. Then you can calm your basic instinct.

Me: Can’t you outsmart the basic instinct somehow?

Spirits: The basic instinct is very material. The more you open yourself to the non-material, the less power it has. We spirits are your original family. When you come into contact with us, you always have a family that is there for you. Therefore in the new time it becomes more and more important to have this contact. We are always there for you. We do not judge you. We help you. Do not doubt so much whether we exist. Try it out. We are your higher wisdom. We are very close to your life. But we have more overview. So we can help you and see other perspectives.
They don’t want to say more about the topic for the time being, so I thank you and say goodbye. All this was not new for me, but it was good to summarize it as follows

What your mobile phone has to do with your basic instincts

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