Ein Blesshuhn hat ein Nest aus Müll in einem Boot gebaut.

Are you satisfied with the place where you live, or are you still looking for the perfect place to live? Are you thinking about how and where to find this place? Then maybe the interview with the Spirits of today is just right for you.

Me: Today’s question comes from Claudia: Is there the ideal place to live for everyone?

The Spirits show me diverse places in the world, on the beach, in the mountains, in the cities, and they also show me diverse people.

Spirit: There are many different people and not everyone fits in every place. Some places fit a person better and some worse. Mountains have a good energy because you are elevated and you can see down from above. Every person needs a certain space around them. Ideally, there should always be nature around it, because nature has a strong power and energy that affects people.

Now the Spirits lift their index finger to signal me that I should listen carefully. They show a person walking along a street and coming from outside nature and going into a city or town. That person now finds something on the ground. I wonder what this has to do with the question … Now they show the energy of this city in a ring shape. They are circling rings and the person standing on the edge of the city is taken by them. He holds the object he has found in his hand and is drawn into it as if into a hurricane by the fact that he has picked up the object. This is now very abstract.

Me: What does this have to do with my question, Spirits?

Spirit: The object is symbolic of the energy of this city. The moment you pick up some of this energy and consume something or buy something there, you are drawn into the vortexes that energetically belong to this city.

Me: Is that good or bad?

Spirit: In that moment you don’t know exactly who you are and what you need. You are pulled into this vortex. You can also see the history of mankind in this: People started living in nature, then cities and consumption developed. And all this results in an undertow that pulls you in, so that you no longer recognize your true nature.

Me: Does this mean that cities in general are not the right place to live?

Spirit: Cities create a feeling of dependence and upset the natural balance of people.

Me: But we can’t all live in the country. There are already too many of us.

You show me how more nature grows in cities.

Spirit: That is an important point. Nature would loosen it up a bit. Nevertheless, it is not the ideal place to live.

Me: But the question was a bit different. Let’s assume that humans live in nature. Are there any differences? Can some people live better by the sea, others better in the mountains or in the forest, or does it not matter?

Spirit: It depends on where you are born into. That which you have already experienced as a child, provided that you grew up in nature or close to nature, that is then also the place that fits best to your own energy.

Me: Why is that so?

Spirit: This is usually the energy in which your parents live and when you are also conceived and born in this energy, you are simply a part of it. Everything has adjusted to each other, maybe even over generations.

Me: What is it like when people don’t stay in one place and move from one country to another? What if your parents lived somewhere else before and moved and then you are born in a foreign country?

The Spirits show me disharmonies in the inner energies of the human being, the energy vortexes that you have in your body do not really know in which direction to turn. This can be irritating.

Me: But people were actually originally nomads. They always changed the region.

Spirit: This change was very slow because they walked. It was also ritualized. They performed rituals in places they came to and left. And they usually didn’t walk such huge distances. And a very crucial point is also that the whole clan went along. This is also an energetic factor, whether you change a place on your own or with a large family or group of people. Because people are connected with a lot of energies. You have the energies within you, but you are also very strongly connected to the external energy, that is, to the energy of nature, the environment and the energy of other people who surround you and are close to you. All this has an impact on your own energy.

Me: What can you do if you have come to Germany from another country and you don’t get along so well with all these energies, so if there are these disharmonies inside?

The Spirits show me a quiet, maybe even holy place that you look for and to which you can go again and again.

Spirit: You need a stable, fixed place in your new home, preferably a place of power, where there is a special energy, and there you go again and again to recharge your battery. With time the energy of the place longs and gives you power, even if you are not directly at the place, but only in the surroundings. So the place should be near the house so that the energy can radiate there. This can bring the inner disharmony back into balance. And the more people you have brought from the other country, the more stability you have.

Me: I have to think of the refugees I taught. First of all the men came to Germany, partly with children, but without the women. I think there was a lot of inner conflict. That was especially bad for the children.

Spirit: Yes, that’s true, but on the other hand, the refugees who came from one country also networked well with each other. This created a feeling of solidarity. That has to be the case, the people need that. You can’t take that away from them by demanding that they have to integrate and only be German. They need the original energy around them, which they know from their childhood. This also explains why some people encapsulate themselves in their social environment and only deal with people who also come from their homeland.

Me: But of course that is not the solution forever.

Spirit: That’s why the ritual is good that you look for a permanent place of power in the new place where you keep going. Then you have two mainstays: one is the social environment with people from your homeland and the other is the new second leg in the new country. This can even give you a lot of stability, because you can grow beyond yourself, develop something new and experience something new.

Me: Let me summarize again: The place where you live has something to do with energies, with the inner and outer energies that interact with each other. Cities are not necessarily the best place to live, but you can try to make the most of it by bringing a lot of nature there and letting it grow. The place where you were born and where your parents were born fits best. If you do change places, you should create a foothold in the new place by looking for a place of power that you visit regularly. And the social contacts with people from your home country can also be very helpful.

The Spirits want to add something else: In the end, one always feels at home the way one feels at home in oneself. If you are in harmony with yourself, in a pure state of mind and like yourself, that is the best state to have stability. Then a change of location doesn’t bother you so much anymore. So it is about welcoming yourself and accepting yourself as you are. That is the most important thing. On the outside there are always people who do not accept you as you are, whether you come from another country or not. Therefore it is very important to accept yourself and give yourself a home.

I think this is a very nice closing word with which I would like to conclude this topic today. I thank the Spirits and Claudia for the question and say goodbye.

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Where is the ideal place to live?

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