This is the second part of my interview “What animals think and feel?”, which has developed its own dynamics. It moved on to the question of what is the most important point in environmental protection and survival on Earth for man and nature.

Me: Why are not we humans more pragmatic (like animals) and pondering so much?

Spirit: Your intelligence is very strong and you have many options with it. Therefore, you like to experiment with it. Crows, for example, are very playful because of their intelligence. The flip side of this is that you can also lose yourself in negative thinking.

Me: And through the media we also get so much information about life on earth and what should and should not be done, for example in climate protection.

Spirit: You have no greater responsibility than animals because animals are all about survival, especially in the wild. But you have more areas where where you have respinsibilities or you are asked to take responsibility. It is also more abstract. Many of you feel responsible of living beings on the other side of the earth, such as the rainforest, and for the lives of future generations. Animals are “only” responsible for a smaller section of space and time. But they have no police, no social benefits, no health insurance, no pension like you (in Germany).

Me: How can we use our thinking to precerve nature and our life on earth?

Spirit: Let go of the brooding. You are social “animals”. This is a major aspect as with all pack animals. If you manage your social life, you have calmed down many of your fears. Too many fears bring you to substitute actions that harm teh earth and you. You need security, recognition, affirmation, benevolence, kindness, cohesion, shared joy, helpfulness, ability to conflict. That comes first. You have to promote and expand that. Then you get the energy and the optimism to change something in the world. These come from your subconscious, from your primal instincts.

Normally you do not have to worry about food in this society. Of course, those who have too little to eat must also be sure that they are well looked after. But the people in western societies are starving emotionally. They are often lonely and marginalized or they lack the sense of their actions. There is no positive feedback from their social group. Much is decoupled: You do not work for your familiy, but for another social group, your colleagues, clients, etc. That ist, your work is not seen and appreciated directly by your family, but at most the money you get for it. That’s too abstract. At your work, you do not have the same relationship as in a family.

Often you do not see the direct impact of your work. Most likely still with nurses, hairdressers, craftsmen, etc. But customers and patients are only there temporarily, you cannot establish and maintain a close realtionship. Therefore, fro some people their work seems pointless or in helping professions there ist burnout because it is a one-sided relationship that usually does not comeback much like a friendship or family. Only in the form of money and with that your subconscious cannot do anything. You go shopping then, because for a brief moment that’s the feeling of having love. You get money, with wich you buy the love that you do not get at your job. These are all substitutes.

Your most important topic is to get positive feelings through real social realtionships, through emotional giving and taking. That’s another reason why animals are happier than you are: They hav no abstract money to replace relationships and emotions. They live their relationships directly.

Me: But what is the solution? Should we abolish money?

Spirit: No, that’s not what we mean. You can for the first time keep your money on which you are so attached. If this replacement is no longer there, then falls even more support away. It would be better if you would expand your social action. maybe then you could gradually replace the money with it. Your chance is that technologiy and artificial intelligence are working more and more for you. This gieves you more time for social life. Take this chance! Your time and energy should flow there. You are social beings and in that you are really good. That’s your specialty. Therin you are high developed. Do not let that wither! It is the basis for a sustainable life and action.

I thank him for the information and say goodbye.

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Which is our most important task

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