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Do you ever ask yourself that? But is it possible to divide the world into good and evil just like that? And if so, how do you deal with “evil” people? These are the questions I am clarifying with the Spirits today. A thank you to the listener Thomas who asked this question.

Me: So why are there bad people in the world?

The Spirits point into the vastness and mean time. So you have to go far back in time to answer this question.

Spirit: Back then there weren’t so many people and basically it always starts with little things, with little lies or little scams. Because there is such a complex social system today, lying and cheating is becoming more and more complex, the fight for one’s own advantages, for power.

I now see a machine with a whole lot of gears that is getting going.

Spirit: As an individual, you no longer have a good overview of the consequences of your own actions. In the past, when people still lived in caves in the stone age, everything was much clearer. If someone cheated on someone else, it was relatively easy to see through or it wasn’t possible to such a great extent, at least not very often. When everyone knows everyone, it is different. Today it is more anonymous and you don’t always see the consequences of your own actions. You don’t see every person who suffers from it. And so actions arise that may have a great extent, although a single person does not do so much. Sometimes you only have to press a button or write a letter or a Twitter message. That can already set an avalanche in motion today. This is a development that has become more and more common in recent years.

I myself have thought about this question before and wondered whether there is good and evil at all and whether you can divide the world in such a black and white way. Or is that just pigeonhole thinking? Does thinking like that get you anywhere at all? Because if I divide the world into good and evil, everything is already fixed, then I don’t need to act and I don’t see myself as responsible for doing anything. How do you see that, spirits?

The Spirits show again the beginning of mankind.

Spirits: The concept of good and evil has always existed, since time immemorial. People need it. It also has to do with wild animals. When you meet a wild bear, it is already useful to know that it can do something bad to you. The concept of enemy and friend is a primal concept of mankind.

Me: That may be so, but is it good that this concept exists, or are there alternatives?

Spirit: In primeval times, this concept has given a lot of power, the power to defend oneself or to hunt animals that could be dangerous for people. There is a strong defensive force behind this concept. And it is also important to be able to differentiate who is well-disposed towards you, i.e. “good”, so that you can drive this power back again and not mix it up by mistake. So the concept helps to switch this force on and off. In difficult situations you switch this power on and defend yourself and when you are again among well-disposed people you can switch the power off again.

Me: Well, that was the primeval times, but how is that transferred to today? We live rather less with wild animals around us. Today everything is more subtle and it’s more about bosses, competitors, having power as politicians and things like that.

Now I see this machine again and it is even bigger than before, it is just huge.

Spirit: Your society is such a machine, it is very difficult to classify the concept of good and evil. Many things have two sides. You can no longer classify enemy and friend exactly. It is harder to recognize what is really a threat and what is only fantasy and fear.

I see the media like a shell around this machine, which is supposed to stand for the fact that they try to make things a bit easier, so that you can recognize everything more easily.

Spirit: The media cannot always report everything one hundred percent. They take out individual topics and present them so that this machine has a contour or appearance for the readers and viewers. The media also make connections among the information, but they rather show the surface. As a result, one no longer looks so deeply into the machine, which is something that an individual person cannot do at all. You can’t be everywhere in the world and look closely at the life of every single person. The media make it a bit easier, they give people an overall picture, but it can never be one hundred percent objective, because it only shows excerpts, but it gives a bit of orientation. If you only saw the machine with wheels, you wouldn’t know where to start to insert something.

Me: Now we have drifted a bit from good and evil.

Spirit: There are people who mean well and others who don’t mean so well, who are then seen as evil.

Me: But it always depends on the role you play yourself. For example, if someone wants to build a hospital in a place where there are many old trees, environmentalists tend to see this as evil, while others think it is good because it wants to help sick people. Sometimes there is a large majority who consider a person to be “bad”, but sometimes it is not so obvious.

The spirits nod.

Me: I ask the other way around: Why can’t all people be “good”? Many people wish they could be.

Spirit: As I said, these are the old mechanisms that are inside people and that should ensure survival and, in part, still do. It is simply anchored in the brain or instincts. You can’t get that out of there. It is simply this power that serves for your own defense and that you can use for something good or to harm other people.

Me: In certain situations it might not work any other way, because for example if someone attacks me, I have to defend myself and I probably hurt this person. This is a topic that could be discussed for hours. There are many lawsuits and court hearings about whether someone has defended himself adequately or too much.

The Spirits agree with me.

Me: We probably have to accept that there are “bad” people in the world or that we perceive them as bad or threatening. What is the best way to deal with “evil” people?

Spirit: One should deal with one’s own inner fighting resources, with this defensive power. One should not judge hastily, but first take a closer look at what is behind this behavior, what circumstances are surrounding it and whether it might also be of use for other people. One should learn to differentiate between when it is about defense and when it is about attack. It can also be both, very often it is both, especially in large companies.

Me: The question why there are bad people also shows a certain helplessness. What can you do when, for example, politicians oppress people or you have the feeling that they are going to start the next war – in other words, when it is not directly in your own environment and you have the feeling that you have no direct influence?

Spirit: There will always be such people. You have to develop a certain calmness.

Me: Well, you could of course get politically involved or try to change something.

Spirit: Yes, if that is possible, of course you can do that. But you have to see your limits, sometimes you cannot achieve so much as an individual. And if that is the case, you should develop calmness, so that you can accept that. The more serenity you develop, the more it affects the whole environment and ultimately the world. With serenity you can find much better solutions and find much better ways to deal with “bad” people. It is very important to stay calm and look at the situation calmly and objectively and see what can be changed. And you should also communicate calmly with such people if you are in such a position. It’s a big challenge to calm down and relax your fears and anger – all emotions – otherwise everything will start to rise. Therefore the first way to deal with bad people is to develop calmness. Serenity is the basis for your actions, not anger or fear. Therefore it is important to start with yourself first. Even if you have the possibility to become active, you first have to develop calmness.

Me: That is easy to say now. How can you develop composure?

Now they show the good side of the world.

Spirit: There are also people who mean well and act accordingly. With these people you can connect much more with each other. That gives you the feeling that you are not alone and that not everything is lost and that there are also good people in the world. And if you tune in together to the good and think together about what you want, what you want to implement, in which direction the world should go, this also creates serenity. Then you have the group and the social feeling. That is also something original from the past of humans that they must always have the feeling that they are in a group, because the group gives them protection. They must first build up a feeling of protection before they deal with the bad people. And this protection gives serenity.

I think the topic has been dealt with sufficiently today.

Of course, you can also ask more specific questions, today we first dealt with the rough stuff. You are welcome to ask questions, if you can think of any.

I thank the Spirits and say goodbye.

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Why are there bad people in the world?

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