Der Mond geht hinter einem Berg auf.

Since tomorrow is Halloween, I’m talking to the Spirits today about how people came up with the idea of celebrating it in the first place and what you can do for yourself from this tradition. They also talk about how to recognize a connection between old tradition and new customs that may not have been discovered before, and how to keep the inner light despite darkness.

I personally know about Halloween that it originally comes from Ireland and is also called “Samhain”. During this time the gate to the world of the souls of the deceased is more open than usual and you can get in contact with them or if you want to avoid this, you dress up in eerie costumes so that you don’t attract attention as a human being.

Me: How did people come to have such rituals at this time of year?

The spirits show me the darkness that is coming and also the fog of this season.

Spirit: There is something mystical about the atmosphere at this time of year. It is also a time of year when it was said in the past that the dark goddess comes and takes the souls that are ready to leave their bodies. Therefore it is a season that is strongly connected to death.

Me: I think that has been quite forgotten today. Most people know Halloween only as a kind of Santa Claus, where children leave home and collect sweets. What rituals would you suggest? What should one do during this time?

Spirit: It’s definitely very nice to think about your ancestors and light a candle for them.

Me: That reminds me that in many cultures the holiday is November 1st, when you think of the dead and sometimes you cook some of the favourite dishes of the deceased and put them on the table.

Spirit: For oneself it is also a good time to adjust to the darkness and to become really conscious: It is getting darker now. You can then put on dark clothes, sit down in silence and receive the darkness.

Me: I have to be honest, I am not such a fan of the darkness. Actually I like the sun better. I don’t know if I feel like getting too involved with the darkness. Do you have a tip for such people?

They smile at me.

Spirit: It’s okay if you still have a candle and if you still have a light in the darkness. But bright light irritates the body because it also slowly adjusts to the dark season.

Me: That reminds me of the Diwali festival in India. That takes place in October and it is more about light. Lights are lit and people let them swim on the river. What do you think about that?

Spirit: It is more about the inner light that you have in your heart. It is important to cultivate this light in your heart. Lighting a light as a tradition is more a symbol of the inner light in the heart. If the light in the heart is strong, it doesn’t matter how dark it is outside.

Me: So if I put a candle or other light source that doesn’t shine too much and meditate with it, for example, then I could strengthen the light of my heart with it?

Spirit: Yes, among other things. Ultimately, it is about strengthening compassion and your own love, because that is the real light. Everything that contributes to this strengthens our inner heart-light. Giving something to children on Halloween means that you give something to someone, and especially with children you can still feel their joy very much. You especially like to give them something and this also strengthens the light in your heart. It just depends on how you do it. If you think: “They’re ringing again, that annoys me, I’ll give them something”, it doesn’t make the inner light shine more. But if you give them something from the heart, the inner light becomes bigger.

I find it very beautiful that there is this connection between the original tradition and what we make of it today. It always seemed to me to be very consumer-oriented, but now I can see it in a different way.

Me: Back to the ancestors again: What else could I do for the ancestors besides lighting a light and thinking about them?

No further information is added. Apparently the ancestors are already happy when you think of them.

Spirit: Of course it depends on how you think of the ancestors, whether negative or positive. Loving, that is the keyword.

Me: Okay, is there anything else you would like to say about Halloween?

Spirit: This time of year is not going to be easy for the animals either, and the compassion and joy of giving something as a gift can be applied not only to children but also to wild animals. You can find out which animals need help and provide them with shelter. For the moment it does not have to be food, but a shelter is important for some animals. Furthermore, it is now a matter of accepting the darkness and not turning on so much light in the evening. If you need a lot of light, it is better to go for a walk during the day, preferably at noon, to get the real light.

I also feel a warmth of darkness now.

Spirit: The darkness also gives security. Just like the womb. There it is also relatively dark. You can simply feel surrounded by the darkness and discover the security in it.

Today there were again some new aspects that I have never seen before. I found that very beautiful.

I wish all of you who read this that you can get through the dark season well, that you can prepare yourself well for it and that you can keep your inner light in your heart!

I thank the Spirits and say goodbye.

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