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Why doesn’t the universe automatically help us when we have a problem? And why does it help even more when other people pray for someone? That’s my question to the Spirits today.

This is a topic I’ve been running across a lot lately: I’ve noticed time and again before that prayers or mediations for other people have a powerful effect. So prayers for people who are not doing so well at the moment or for souls of deceased people who have not left life so peacefully. There are then, for example, experiences that the soul of the deceased comes to one once again and shows that it is now well. Or there are also experiences with people who meet you and with whom you notice that they have many problems with themselves, and thus you do not get along so well with them yourself. I myself have already had the experience that something has changed for the better when I have asked the universe or the spirits for a blessing for these people.

But why is that so? And why is it not always automatically the case that help comes from the universe when someone needs help?

Me: Why doesn’t the universe automatically take care of people when they are not well?

The Spirits now show me a kind of highway with several lanes. The cars are traveling at different speeds.

Spirit: This is symbolic of your life lanes and paths and each car represents a person.

I see someone pulling onto the shoulder and stopping because something is wrong and, for example, the tire is broken. The Spirits are also in the scene and I see their attention going to that person.

Spirit: We already offer help a lot, but people who are in a problem situation often don’t notice.

The scene shows how the Spirits are with the person and want to help, but the person is busy with the broken tire or something similar and doesn’t even look up, right or left. The Spirits are standing next to it, watching everything and waiting for attention. But that doesn’t seem so easy when you’re in the middle of a conflict. So the help is there, we just don’t notice it because we are too busy.

Me: Then how is it when another person from the outside, for example an acquaintance or a relative contacts the universe or the spirits for that person and asks for help? What is the difference? What happens then?

They now show another person who has stopped at the side of the road and goes up to the first person and taps her on the shoulder so that he/she looks up. He/she offers to help him/her and gets a spare wheel out of the car.

Me: But is this now symbolic of prayer or of help offered in everyday life? The spirits are still just standing next to it.

Spirit: That is one way to help, and it is offered quite often. These are very practical aids. The spirits are not yet included in this.

Me: And what about rituals or prayers for others? These can also be performed in the absence of the person.

Now they show me a somewhat abstract picture: The person who wants to help and makes contact with the universe goes with his/her soul body to the spirit level, while hi7her physical body is grounded on the ground, in this example this person sits in the parked car without going to the first person with the problem. Part of the person helping, the soul, goes to the Spirits and asks for help there. This brings a calmness to the first person. He/she sits down and becomes completely silent. Only in this state can he/she perceive what else is there: the Spirits and their help. I feel a great calm and relaxation there now.

Me: But still, that is not the answer to my question why a second person is needed. Why can’t the spirits just send peace to the first person, so that he/she then perceives the spirits? Is that not also possible?

The Spirits show a triangle or circle, a connection between the first person and the helping person, then a connection from the helping person to the Spirits or the Universe, and from there back to the first person.

Spirit: There has to be a grounding involved. The helping person grounds the contact to the universe. He/She has the peace to sit in silence and meditate or pray, which the first person in his/her conflict does not have. If we just come to the first person, there is still a lack of adhesion, of grounding. We can’t really “dock.” This person is only fixated on the material, on the problem, while the second person knows the problem and at the same time is in contact with the universe. So he/she is a mediator between these two levels. And these two levels can come together better if there is someone who is conscious in both levels. This person is a kind of “glue” between the levels. It’s kind of like fat and water: the fat floats on the water and they don’t connect. Only with a spoon can they be mixed. So the person helping is the spoon, so to speak. There has to be a dynamic. A person who is not so involved in the problem can be more neutral and has awareness of the problem and awareness of the universe and can sit quietly and make the connection. You could also compare it to a magnet: the person helping emits a kind of magnetism that attracts the universe and directs it to the other person if the person helping has a connection to that person. You have to already know or have some connection to the person you are helping.

Now I found this information very interesting. I want to use this post today as a reminder that you should not underestimate the power of praying for other people. It already has a powerful effect.

Me: And then how about if someone has a conflict and still takes the time, sits down in silence and meditates, can the effect become stronger if there is another person with them?

The Spirits nod.

Spirit: This is again the principle of attraction. You have to attract the energy of the universe. You can do that alone, if you are in the condition to do so and can come to rest. But if there is a second person supporting you, the “magnet” is stronger. If it is a whole group, it is even stronger. Whereby the people in a group should be in a similar vibration, because otherwise they slow each other down too much, because the energy between these people is unbalanced. So if you mean well and say, we’re going to meet in a group and pray or meditate for someone who may be sitting in the middle, that’s nice, but if the people can’t resonate with each other, that can irritate the “magnet,” that is, the whole vibrational field. This is similar to real magnets, which have a plus and minus pole. If you have different poles, this is not so favorable. The comparison doesn’t quite fit because it’s not just plus and minus. There are many different vibrations and each person has his/her own vibration. Then the ego also plays into it and many other aspects play a role. The more people there are in this group, the more difficult it can become.

Me: It occurs to me that there are healers who have big events where about a hundred people come. They all concentrate on healing and look at the healer who is standing on the stage and many of them have healing experiences. Then maybe the vibration is also amplified by the many people, right?

Spirit: That doesn’t necessarily work for every healer. He has to be good and radiate so much that all people resonate with each other. He has to have an energy that has a positive influence on the whole group. If he doesn’t create that, it doesn’t work.

To sum up: So it is about vibrations, about attraction between the earthly and the otherworldly and one can strengthen vibrations or the attraction if one swings in together.

Further questions do not occur to me to the topic for the time being.

I can only recommend you to pray or meditate for other people and to ask the universe for the blessing. I wouldn’t even make specific wishes, because most of the time we don’t even have the overview to decide what are good wishes for others. If you just ask for the blessing, the universe decides what is best for the person. My experience is that this has always worked best because our thinking is very limited. Sometimes we think we know what is good for ourselves or even for others. And then you ask the universe for help without a specific wish and suddenly something quite unexpected comes, a much better idea that you would never have thought of yourself. Therefore, trust the universe and let it surprise you with what it comes up with. The universe simply has the overview of everything. Just try it out and if you feel like it, you can leave comments.

After recording the podcast, I thought of something else: It’s always good to ask for blessings for yourself as well, especially when it comes to conflicts with people who are very unbalanced. If you have a problem with them and pray for them, you have to include yourself as well, because the fact that you have a problem with them shows that you also have an inner blockage yourself. Otherwise, you wouldn’t get upset or angry with the other person or something like that.

Also, I would like to advise against doing healing treatments or similar for another person without asking their permission. The way I see it, asking for the blessing is not a concrete intervention in another life, because the Spirits then decide if it is okay to do something for the person and because they clarify what that can be. One makes a connection, but leaves everything else to the Spirits. A concrete healing treatment, on the other hand, involves an intended goal and I see that as a direct intervention where you should ask permission beforehand because you don’t even know if that is the person’s goal.

In March I will continue with my next contribution. Until then, have a great time!

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Why praying for others has such a powerful effect

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