Me: What do you want to talk about today?

Spirit: About sleep and dream. At this time of year sleep becomes more important again. Hay flowers can help you sleep. Sleep brings you into a fairytale world – into your dreams. They are the first step to shamanism, to contact with the other world [with the invisible world]. Through the darker days they become deeper and more mythical. They bring you into contact with ancient energies. This contact is important for you, so make sure you sleep well. Read fairy tales and legends before falling asleep, because they come from the dream energy.

Me: Right, in winter I am often in fairy tale or fantasy mood.

Spirit: Get involved with this mood. Be open for encounters that are not everyday. Don’t dismiss everything as fantasy. Celebrate the inner-going, take space and time for it. Go to rest. The hectic part of the year is over. You may now become calmer.

Me: But working life is not geared to that.

Spirit: So it is all the more important that you come to rest in your free time. Write down dreams, make up your own fairy tales. Do something creative like painting, handicrafts, sewing, etc. Become a little child again. Watch raindrops at the window.

Me: Why is all this so important?

Spirit: You are always a child, inwardly. Your inner child is closely connected to your subconscious. It lives parallel to your adult self. And it lives from fairy tales and dreams. Especially in winter and autumn it needs your attention.

Me: Why?

Spirit: Since you can no longer nourish yourself so well from the outside sun and heat, you need inner nourishment. These are fantasy worlds. They help you to bridge the winter. In spring everything turns out again. The wonder of growing nature then replaces the fantasy worlds. So it is also important to sleep a lot. Look forward to this time. Live it, come to yourself.

Me: Do you have a fairy tale to fall asleep?

I am shown a bay with a beach by the sea. It’s morning and the sky is just getting bright. People live there in glass houses. It looks futuristic. The water is very clear.

Spirit: You can dream of the future. What does a beautiful future on earth look like for you?

Me: Without exhaust fumes and pollution, with intelligent technology and people living sustainably and consciously. I think it is important that we have such dreams so that this can become real. We must not just think about what we don’t want and imagine horror scenarios. Constructive ideas come from positive visions.

Spirit: You won’t solve your problems with your mind and rationality alone.

Me: But?

Spirit: With devotion. To the invisible. Start with dreams and fairy tales.

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Why sleep and dreams are important for our future

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