Sonnenstrahlen fallen auf rosadarbene Blumen vor schwarzem Hintergrund

Today I learn where the development on our planet is going and what has an influence on it. My conversation with the Spirits begins again very pictorially and mysteriously. I see a female Spirit who shows me a large flower meadow and then points to the stars in the sky. She shows me that the stars and the flowers are connected. Her hand makes a connecting movement from the universe to the flowers and from there it goes back to the stars, creating a cycle. The Spirit shows me a single flower from up close and makes it clear to me that the whole universe is in one flower. The flower absorbs the energy of the universe, transforms it and returns it to the universe. Through this, life can also arise on other planets. It is the subtle information that is given into the universe. The flower stands symbolically for all beings on our planet.

Me: But this also means that the subtle energy has come to us on earth in this way, doesn’t it?

Spirit: Yes, a very long time ago.

Me: Is there a beginning and an end to this cycle?

Spirit: In the beginning everything was coarser, it has become finer with time, so that there can be such small flowers. It will become even finer.

Me: How do you have to imagine that?

Spirit: Then there are more subtle processes in nature, for example in photosynthesis. Plants then react faster to fewer substances from outside.

Me: They will then need less light?

Spirit: Yes.

Me: What about beginning and end?

Spirit: Everything becomes finer to infinity – so the end is infinite. The coarse also comes from the infinite.

Me: Hm, hard to imagine. And does that also have an effect on us humans?

Spirit: Of course. People are becoming more sensitive. They react more strongly to stimuli from the environment, physically and psychologically.

Me: Well, with some people you don’t notice that yet.

Spirit: That doesn’t happen everywhere at once. It is selective.

Me: Can we adjust to it?

Spirit: The way you adjust to the blooming of a flower. All you can do is wait and it develops on its own.

Me: Then why are you telling me this?

Spirit: Because you are interested in the world and how it works.

Me: Why should I publish this?

Spirit: To make people happy. They can look forward to everything becoming finer.

Me: Why?

The female Spirit just smiles and I can feel her joy, so she seems to be very happy about it. She looks at me with such promise, as if she is about to open the door to the Christmas presents.

Me: Why don’t you answer?

Spirit: That is the answer. Does joy need an explanation? Should I really explain to you why one should rejoice?

Me: Okay, I understand that some answers cannot be expressed in words but only in feelings. I just don’t know how to convey this feeling on my Blog. It is a smiling feeling mixed with anticipation. With sparkling eyes. It’s not about thinking or planning something for the future, but about facing it with a smile and looking forward to the change. But many people may now be asking themselves what else to look forward to in the face of corona, economic crisis and climate change.

Spirit: With everything that happens in the world, there is always a reason to smile and be happy. This is not the solution to the problems, but the best solution for your soul. There will always be something beautiful happening in the world and that deserves to make you happy.

Sometimes it is quite abstract and aloof what the Spirits tell you. I wonder if my readers can relate to it. But the Spirits do not let themselves be put off by it. I promised them that I would pass on their information, so I do. I may not always have to understand the meaning completely and I cannot and must not judge whether the information is useful or not. So everyone has to see for himself/ herself.

I thank her and say goodbye.

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